The dirt roads of the Venetian wine region made a superb challenge for XC riders from all over Europe

1 June 2017, Chiuduno, Italy – The Venetian town of Soave, best known for its wine production and vineyard-veiled hills, transformed this weekend to host the 17th edition of the Gran Fondo KASK Soave Bike. The hugely successful event, which took place on Sunday 28th May, started in Soave’s beautiful historic centre and finished with an adrenaline-filled descent of the stairs leading to the iconic Castello di Soave.

Set in the Lessini Mountains 100km from Venice, the varied terrains of Gran Fondo KASK Soave Bike’s two cross country MTB circuits included mud, gravel and tarmac and took the 1,305 riders past stunning castles and rolling vineyards.

The short route’s scenic 23km circuit featured 600m elevation, while the more competitive 50km classic course tasked competitors with 1,600m of climbing, taking riders higher into the hills and demanding top skills to conquer a number of technical sections.

Guido Guariento, President of the Gran Fondo organising committee said: “It was an incredible turnout at this year’s Gran Fondo KASK Soave Bike. This Gran Fondo is a festival that celebrates cycling and the riders came out in force on Sunday. The two courses offered challenges and excitement for riders of all abilities – everyone was having a lot of fun out there.”

KASK’s Cycling Manager, Ylenia Battistello, said: “To see so much enjoyment and enthusiasm at a cycling festival just reiterates why we do what we do. KASK is at the forefront of protecting and supporting all types of cyclists, giving them the invaluable sense of freedom to ride at fantastic events like the Gran Fondo here in Soave.”

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Rankings – Men

  1. Colonna Paolo | Scott Racing Team 1:55:05
  2. Dal Grande Stefano | Bottecchia Factory Team 1:55:37
  3. Medvedev Dmitrii | Torpado-Südtirol Mtb Pro Team 1:58:07
  4. Bonelli Efrem | Cmq Carbonhubo 1:58:11
  5. Deho Marzio | G.S.Cicli Olympia 1:58:13
  6. Malacarne Davide | Dmt Racing Team 1:58:49
  7. Franzoi Enrico | Wilier Force Squadra Corse 1:59:00
  8. Valsecchi Matteo | Wilier Force Squadra Corse 2:01:25
  9. Oliva Vittorio | Carbonhubo Cmq Infotre 2:02:04
  10. Filipozzi Kevin |Focus Xc Italy Team 2:02:22
Rankings – Women

  1. Seiwald Greta Focus Xc Italy Team 2:21:42
  2. Pellizzaro Jessica Team Rudy Project – Xcr 2:24:34
  3. Burato Chiara A.S.D. Gruppo Ciclisti Soave 2:27:13
  4. Mandelli Chiara Team Spacebikes 2:29:46
  5. Grottoli Letizia Team Todesco 2:32:36
  6. Perboni Angela Emporiosport Team 2:44:42
  7. Boscoscuro Edi V.C. Schio A.S.D. 2:44:45
  8. Huckvale Maryann Bicitime Racing Team A.S.D. 2:48:52
  9. De Lorenzo Poz Luisa A.S.D. Team Estebike Zordan 2:49:07
  10. Marinelli Camilla Pedale Fidentino 2:50:38